IBM Analytics Platform component library

IBM Analytics Platform Component Library

The first business unit I was assigned to at IBM was Analytics Platform. The unit was responsible for twelve different web experiences. When I joined the unit, there was already a formal style guide in place. However, there was no reusable code for the twelve product teams to use. I lead the charge in getting distributable vanilla JavaScript and React component libraries created.

IBM Data Science Experience was one of the thirteen products that utilized the React version of Analytics Platform Components.

The projects taught me a lot about developer experience and accessibility. It was also my introduction into the design system industry. Since then, IBM has standardized to one component library: Carbon. It has been cool to watch the Carbon Design System actually inherit components and former team members.

A light and dark mode of all components was created not only for user preference, but also to visually separate parts of the experience.

James loves to design, code, and talk about weird web apps from ATX. He also writes snippets from the third-person.
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