Website with two articles displayed as a newspaper’s front page.

Global Upvote

Global Upvote was a two-week side project where I wanted to design and code a progressive web app that brought me up to speed with current events.

The project is routinely collecting trending stories that have been posted on Reddit’s World News subreddit. It then checks the comments of each post for a bot that summarizes the content of the article. Finally, it displays those article summaries in the style of a newspaper’s front page.

The Global Upvote was meant to be my most skeuomorphic project, imitating newspapers I would read with my father every Sunday as kid.


  • UX: A user can stay up-to-date on the top news from across the web without community distractions.

  • Visual: The appearance will only bring in web-based elements as needed and emulate a physical newspaper as much as possible.

  • Development: The user will benefit from all that a progressive web app provides, such as a fast perceptual speed index and offline viewing.

The Global Upvote Tab is also a browser plugin for both Chrome and Firefox. This makes every new tab in your browser load The Global Upvote, but still have instant control of your url bar for navigation.

After completing the project, I ended up writing twin blog posts about the design and development of the progressive web app for FreeCodeCamp.

James loves to design, code, and talk about weird web apps from ATX. He also writes snippets from the third-person.
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